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Sunday, April 13, 2008

by Connie Cook Smith
- - -

A 5-minute video illustrates that outright evil men and women are operating under cover of religion in Israel -- and by biblical association -- likewise in the U.S.

Just as insiders have admitted the Bush regime is not really Christian (see below), America needs to know the Israeli government is not really Jewish.

Have you (and most American churches) been duped into believing that American and Israeli leaders are religious -- are “good people” -- and deserve our support?

This is a horrible ploy by global gangsters to use American blood and treasure for their grand scheme of power and profits. Their agenda is resulting in the steady financial impoverishment of the USA and the accelerating disintegration of democracy.

Look at the two matter-of-record reports below:

A former White House official says some of the nation’s most prominent evangelical leaders were regarded in the White House as “the nuts.”

David Kuo of Bush’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives states: “National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person, and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as ‘ridiculous,’ ‘out of control,’ and just plain ‘goofy,’” Kuo writes in his book, Tempting Faith.

In 2006, Mr. Kuo went public with his insider’s tell-all account that portrays the White House "faith-based" office used almost exclusively to win political points with evangelical Christians…

The office’s stated mission, providing financial support to charities that serve the poor, never got the presidential support it needed…
(link below)


5-min. video -- at 3:45:

Renowned U of I law professor Francis Boyle, to an Israeli official: “I’ve been here a couple of weeks, and it’s clear you people are inflicting Nuremberg crimes on the Palestinians – exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews. What’s your explanation?

“He said, ‘Military necessity.’ (Notice, he didn’t disagree.)

“I told him: ‘That argument was rejected at Nuremberg when the lawyers for the Nazis made it.’

“He said, ‘Well, we have public relations people in the United States, and they handle these matters for us.’ “

(link below)
- - -

Likely scenario: after (the decidedly non-religious) Israeli rulers succeed in using American soldiers and funds (our blood and treasure) to wage more war, beyond Iraq -- war upon Iran, Syria, Jordan, etc, in order for Israel/America to own the Middle East -- it is likely that Israel will turn on and oust the U.S., since we'll no longer be needed. Israel alone will control that region and possibly most of the world's oil.

Please read below the long list of Israeli-American dual citizens who have infiltrated high up into our government, and consider distributing this to churches and to all who have not yet realized how long-deceived we have been.

Is this information "anti-semitic?" No. What if all the following high U.S. government positions were filled by Mexicans, for example -- with them running our government for the benefit of Mexico and not for the U.S.? Wouldn't there be an open uproar?

Shouldn't there BE an open uproar against what amounts to our Israeli occupation? Just look at this partial list:

Michael Mukasey
US Attorney General. In position to block investigations and prosecutions of U.S. traitors -- many at high levels of government.

Mukasey was also the judge who ruled favorably for World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein on his "terrorist attack insurance" -- which he suddenly signed up for 6 weeks before 9/11.

Michael Chertoff
Head of Homeland Security. Widely criticized for inaction during the drownings and other atrocities during Hurricane Katrina.

Reviled as an author of the de-constitutionalizing, un-American "Patriot Act" -- which somehow was all ready to go when 9/11 occurred.

Richard Perle
A key Bush advisor. He was Chairman of the Defense Policy Board from 2001-2003, and member since 1987, long working for favoritism policies for Israel over U.S. interests -- especially beating the drums for invading Iraq.

Perle was expelled from Senator Henry Jackson's office in the 1970's after the National Security Agency (NSA) caught him passing highly-classified documents to the Israeli Embassy.

Paul Wolfowitz
Former Deputy Defense Secretary and member of Perle's Defense Policy Board, in the Pentagon. Wolfowitz is a close associate of Perle, and reportedly has close ties to the Israeli military. His sister lives there.

Wolfowitz was the number two leader within the administration behind the Iraq war-mongering. He later was appointed head of the World Bank but resigned under pressure from World Bank members over a scandal involving his misuse of power.

Douglas Feith
Under-Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon from 2001-2005. He is a close associate of Perle and served as his Special Counsel. Like Perle and the others, Feith is a pro-Israel bulldog. He is closely associated with an extremist group, the Zionist Organization of America, which attacks Jews who don't agree with its extremist views. (He's like the Israeli government -- not the least bit religious.) Feith frequently speaks at ZOA conferences.

Feith was investigated by the FBI under suspicion of leaking classified information to Israel, being that he was Larry Franklin's boss when Franklin leaked documents to indicted spies Rosen and Weissman of AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee). For that Feith was forced to leave the National Security Council.

Feith was also investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee for hyping "intelligence" that was used to justify invading Iraq. The joke around Washington, although not funny, was that Iraq was invaded based on "Feith-based intelligence."

Henry Kissinger
For detailed information about Kissinger's notorious past, read Seymour Hersch's book, "Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House." He consistently advocated going to war against Iraq.

President Bush nominated Kissinger as chairman of the September 11th investigating commission. He later declined this job under enormous protests at his war-criminal past.

"Kissinger is the Ariel Sharon of the U.S." -- a political/military bully, not a religious human being. Ariel Sharon is famous for this quote:

"Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon October 3, 2001(IAP News)

(To repeat, the use of the word "Jewish" deliberately/deceptively implies "religious." Sharon -- in a coma now -- and Gang are Zionists. Zionism is an Israeli agenda to conquer, to own, the Middle East. Many Jews oppose Zionism.)

Dov Zakheim
Dov Zakheim is a co-author of the Project for the New American Century's position paper, a year before 9/11, which advocated the necessity "for a New Pearl Harbor." A terrorist attack was earnestly desired to mobilize America into war with (conquest of) Israel-adjoining territories. (One down -- Iraq -- although it's not going quietly!)

Zakheim was appointed by Bush as Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004. He was unable to explain the disappearance of $1 trillion dollars.

Donald Rumsfeld announced on September 10, 2001 that an audit discovered $2.3 trillion was also missing from the Pentagon books. That story was buried the next day under 9/11's rubble. The two enormous sums disappeared on Zakheim's watch.

(With the usual smirk, Bush took no action, exacted no accountability, from from his appointees.)

Judicial Inc's bio of Dov tells us Zakheim is a dual Israeli/American citizen who has been tracking the halls of US government for 25 years, casting defense policy-and-influence on Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Judicial Inc points out that most of Israel's armaments were obtained from the U.S., thanks to him.

How? Squads of US F-16 and F-15 were "re-classified as military surplus" -- and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value. WHY ISN'T THIS MAN IN PRISON??

Speaking of prison:
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby
Vice President Dick Cheney's ex-Chief of Staff. As fervent pro-Israel advisor to Cheney, it helps explain why Cheney is so gung-ho to invade Iran. Libby is longtime associate of Wolfowitz.

Libby was also a lawyer for convicted felon and Israeli spy Marc Rich, whom Clinton pardoned, in his last days as president.

Libby was found guilty of lying to Federal investigators in the Valerie Plame affair, in which Plame, a covert CIA agent, was "outed" for political revenge by the Bush administration, due to her husband's revelations about the lies leading to the Iraq War.

(Bush has him doing "community service" instead of the prison-time he was sentenced to.)

Libby is also one of a number of right-wing "family values" people -- including Buckley, Liddy, Safire, and Lynne Cheney -- to publish psychologically and sexually sick material. Scooter Libby's 1996 novel is "The Apprentice." It depicts the in-a-cage rape of a little girl by a bear, and men's intercourse with a dead deer, among other horrors.

Marc Grossman
Grossman was Bush's #3 man at the State Department until retiring ("running"?) in 2005, after 29 years in the U.S. government. Grossman is one of many American-Israeli officials that Bush promoted to higher posts.

Grossman has been named in the Sibel Edmonds case (former FBI translator with info on American complicity in 9/11) -- Grossman named as allegedly receiving bribes from Turkish and Israeli agents.

Edmonds further alleges that Grossman was heard on wiretaps as being involved in a scheme to smuggle nuclear secrets to the worldwide nuclear black market.

David Frum
Former White House speechwriter who invented the "Axis of Evil" label. He lumped together all the lies and accusations against Iraq to help Bush justify the war.

Joshua Bolten
White House Chief of Staff since 2006, prominent in the American-Israeli community.

John Bolton
Appointed by Bush as US Representative to the UN when Congress was not in session, because he would not be approved. Served Aug. 05-Dec. 06.

Involved in JINSA, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and PNAC, Project for the New American Century -- which advocated "a New Pearl Harbor" in order to invade the Middle East.

Known as "Bomber Bolton" for his extreme statements in favor of invading Iraq.

Other Israeli loyalists in the U.S. government (and there are many more!):
Ken Mehlman, former Bush White House Political Director; Daniel Kurtzer, Ambassador to Israel; Cliff Sobel, Ambassador to the Netherlands; Stuart Bernstein, Ambassador to Denmark; Nancy Brinker, Ambassador to Hungary; Frank Lavin, Ambassador to Singapore; Ron Weiser, Ambassador to Slovakia; Mel Sembler, Ambassador to Italy; Martin Silverstein, Ambassador to Uruguay; Jay Lefkowitz, Bush's Special Envoy to N. Korea, turned down previous West Wing positions, involved in predecessor group to PNAC for invading the Middle East.

Jonathan Jay Pollard, a U.S. Navy counter-intelligence specialist -- an American-Israeli citizen known for stealing more secrets from the U.S. than has any other spy in American history. During his interrogation, Pollard said he felt compelled to serve the "interests of my state" -- he meant the state of Israel. Now serving a life sentence with recommendation against parole.

Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
A former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst with expertise in Iranian policy issues, he worked in the office of Undersecretary of Defense for Douglas Feith -- was sentenced January 20, 2006 "to more than 12 years in prison for giving classified information to an Israeli diplomat" and to members of the pro-Israel lobbying group American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

American Free Press article:
"The Grand jury indictments handed down on Aug. 4, 2005, against a senior Pentagon official and two Washington-based lobbyists linked to Israel paint a grim picture of a much wider espionage ring involving unidentified high level U.S. and Israeli government officials, diplomats and spies.

"We have obtained a copy of that grand jury indictment. The three at the center of the case are: Lawrence Franklin, who held a Top Secret security clearance and worked under the prominent neocon, Douglas Feith, within the office of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld;
Steven J. Rosen, formerly director of foreign policy issues at American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC);
and Keith Weisman, a senior Middle East analyst in the same Washington-based lobby group.

"AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in Washington. This year, Condoleezza Rice was just one of many figures from the Bush administration to attend its annual convention. More than half of Congress was also in attendance.
- - -
Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid, 1/3 of the entire foreign aid budget.
- - -
The Israel tail is wagging the American dog, folks. And the dog is dying -- hemorrhaging our blood and treasure for Israel's interests -- not for those of the U.S.
- - -

Insider says Bush just uses Christians (article)

American Middle East veterans describe Israeli nazi-like brutality (5-min. video)

Source of info on dual American-Israelis in U.S. gov't, includes their photos


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