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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

by Connie Cook Smith

I see the Don Imus imbroglio in context with what must be a much-needed Shift in Consciousness.

How such a low-life foul-mouth got paid for his poison in the first place is the mystery for me.

How an inarticulate, bumbling phony Christian from the Bush Crime Family ever got a vote in the first place is a mystery to me.

How anybody believed there was a valid reason to invade Iraq is a mystery to me.

How anyone would think that "Muslim fundamentalists" could override all U.S. defenses without inside help is a mystery to me.

Suddenly, most of these things are seen as the big mistakes that they have been all along, much to the anguish of people like myself and my husband and our network -- who can't fathom how anybody went along with such shocking intellectual and social ignorance in the first place.

I guess they've had to see some things play out -- at the expense of so much cruelty to humanity -- in order to "get it" that our society has been utterly negligent in the most minimal areas of human morality and responsibility.

Better now than never. But none of this should have been allowed to metastasize out into our world in the first place!



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