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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

by Connie Cook Smith
- - -

But do expose it and overturn it -- and I do refer to the REAL evil behind 9/11.

Enter, Dr. David Ray Griffin. He has a wry intellect that knows how to hunt down, round up, and HANG every one of the lies our government has told us about the September 11th attacks.

He is a distinguished theologian "whose cross-disciplinary specialization involves highly sophisticated reasoning that requires familiarity with logic, science, and the scientific method."

Thanks to Dr. Griffin's concise talks on brief videos, and his superb books crammed with incontrovertible facts, it may happen that actual hangings or other methods of legal execution for treason will occur in our not-too-distant future. If truth and justice prevail, we probably will have our own version of "Judgment at Nuremberg," wherein high-level American officials are called to account for their crimes against their own nation and all humanity.

My own research and talks on audio CDs -- "A Somber Awakening" in 2003, and "U.S. Terror Attacks: Portal to Understanding" in 2004 -- document how outright evil men have worked their way to the top of the American system over the past 30-40 years. (Links below.)

Now Dr. Griffin's new book -- "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" -- exposes how these men have manipulated our nation into believing blatantly silly stories whose results are not silly at all, but infinitely tragic:

Framing Muslims to justify U.S. invasions, our soldiers killing and being killed for false reasons, our most basic Constitutional protections ended. Such as? Opening your mail and search-and-seizure of your home don't need a warrant now. And your right to a lawyer can be "legally" denied while you are held who-knows-where, and your loved ones can't even find you.

Thanks to the American evildoers in our government and their "war-on-terror" against us -- which means endless wars and suffering for us, endless profits and pleasures for them -- "a man's home is his castle" is now only for privileged insiders. And in cahoots with corporate creatures who prey upon "the American dream," it's become painfully clear your castle is increasingly unaffordable.

Why? Listen to Dr. Griffin online, the instructions are below. Or for the deepest understanding of how this dreadful state in America has come about, obtain and read his new book. You will probably experience what one reader's review states:

"For over 5 years, I've been blind. For 5 years I've been down-and-out lied to. Right under our noses, America has been stolen by criminals... Read this book, it could be the most important thing you ever do."

To order it online, go to, or Barnes & Noble, or Borders, and type in David Ray Griffin under "search." You will find "Debunking" amidst his other helpful books.

To watch and hear Dr. Griffin's free presentation of our false beliefs about 9/11, and how his logical precision proves the fallacies of each one, type Google Video into your search engine, then type into their search box: 911 The Myth and the Reality.

The powerful introduction on who Griffin is, and his two talks that follow, are among the most intelligent presentations in existence!

Connie Cook Smith
- - -
my 2004 audio CD
"U.S. Terrror Attacks: Portal to Understanding Life, Death, Loss, and Transcendence"
studio recording --
"her gentle style is almost therapeutic in opening the listener's mind to the unpleasant truths"
Begins 50 years back when U.S. terror operations overturned democracy in Iran
- - -
my 2003 audio CD
"September 11th, A Somber Awakening"
live audience recording --
Over 100 years of U.S. terrorist operations, culminating in 9/11
Makes the analogy that one day a wall shockingly collapses at one's beloved old homestead. We then must come to terms with the bad news that termites (American terror-mites) have been gnawing away at our foundations for a very long time, completely without our awareness.


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