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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Harry Potter Fiction in the U.K.
Clues People In to Evil in the U.S.

by Connie Cook Smith

How amazing to read the account from a grown reporter at a local newspaper -- all caught up in the excitement of the final Harry Potter book. That's what I thought at first. But after looking into the phenomenon from an educational perspective, I get it! I now see how Potter fans have good reasons for their enthusiasm.

When the first book came out, there were such critical matters of life and death going on close to me that I was not attracted to a novel about such realities, nor did I have time for it, for years.

And the brief excerpt I had read in a magazine deeply alarmed me. Harry's arch-nemesis Voldemort was a character was so murderously evil that I thought it was wrong to expose child readers to such darkness.

That was 10 years ago. As my dear husband's long recovery sidelined us from most activities outside the house, we both turned to the computer to "get a life." What a blessing that on the worldwide web, we could "go" anywhere day or night for our educational searches.

There was my own never-ending quest to understand "why the world is the way it is" -- such as, where is all the humanitarian progress so glowingly predicted in the 1950's and '60's? What happened to the end of war, famine, poverty, and disease that seemed so reasonably within reach in the prosperous times after WWII? This is where my real-world quest links up with the value of the fictional Harry Potter saga.

As declassified documents became available online, as voices with no previous outlets began to spill the beans, as government operatives retired and published online essays and hardcopy books about vast government deceptions against the American people, I recalled the shocking level of Voldemort's evil in Harry Potter.

I began to be able to get my mind around the reality of evil in the U.S. -- because it had been so well presented in fiction in the U.K. I suddenly understood Walter Lippman's famous comment: "The news and the truth are often two different things."

I think now that too many baby-boomers who grew up in "Happy Days America" are locked in a La-La Land that we did indeed experience, but which entirely omitted the dark side of the coin that people need to know in order to protect themselves, their children, and their nation.

And then their children grew up in the same blissful ignorance -- plus more sports, music, and entertainment distractions than the world has ever seen before.

Enter the Harry Potter mania: books avidly read by adults and children alike. The author grew up immersed in the more realistic perspectives of Britain's often bloody and sinister history, which results in a wisdom significantly deeper than we're blessed with here.

UNLESS -- you, too, wonder what happened to the promise of America and seek to absorb the declassified documents. Unless you, too, learn of the covert crimes that gangsters in our government have been committing for decades, at home and abroad.

The hard part has been believing that level of Evil is real. I had always thought atrocities came from people who were just out of their minds, and were rather isolated incidents at that. The shocking truth is, though, that highly focused evil people do exist, that they get thrills (and profits!) from causing harm and sorrow and death, and that their long-term goal to rise to the top of the American system has been almost entirely realized.

For example, certain ones in power right now have been cycling in and out of positions in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon for over 30 years!

And this has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. Both of those affiliations are simply used as platforms from which these powerful profiteers enjoy spouting patriotic rhetoric and slogans, then laugh behind closed doors at the increasingly impoverished and sacrificed state of the American people.

The media noted after the September 11th attacks that youngsters who were Harry Potter fans handled the shock better than their parents, who weren't clued-in to ever expect such a thing. And now many of those fans are significant hounds of justice who know that evil -- true to form -- disguises itself. Evil too often infiltrates your life as that which you always trusted most, including pedophile priests and "patriotic" politicians.

Worse, especially in the political practicality of Who Rules, government gangsters plan and carry out the atrocities, then frame up others as the culprits -- whereupon we submit our blood and treasure to attack and occupy the innocent people they want us to. This supreme dirty trick is no secret, especially since Marine hero Gen. Smedley Butler published his "War is a Racket" pamphlet in 1935, widely available online.

It's time to grow up, America, to become as mature as the kids who read Harry Potter. We've got to recognize the evil ones whom we've foolishly believed, and put in charge of our nation -- and by default -- in charge of the world. The Constitution allows us to remove them from power! Then we must be wise and understand that deceitful ones will always try to deliberately create this world's wars and diseases and poverty conditions again.

For newbies: if you doubt it's all been deliberate, many sources other Gen. Butler above will enlighten you. Type in "killing hope" in your search engine, for ex-CIA William Blum's work. Read John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." Search 9/11 Truth. We must wake up and shake off all this evil! There are millions of us and only thousands of them!

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