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Friday, July 28, 2006
"What America Needs to Know"

by Connie Cook Smith

Americans are confused about the morality of modern-day Israel, because our churches and schools leave out essential Jewish history.

The European people who were sent to occupy Palestine as a Jewish homeland in 1948 are not related to the biblical Hebrews of Jesus' time. The Middle-Eastern Jews and Arabs both are semitic people, related by blood and culture, but separate in their Judaic and Islamic religions.

They may have had their little turf-scuffles throughout history, but those were no worse than ordinary squabbling neighbors.

That all changed when European Jewish people were shipped in after WWII for the purpose of occupying much of Palestine, and calling it Israel. These folks long ago came from Khazaria (southern Russia), where they converted to the Babylonian schools of Judaism in the 8th century. Their traditions are different from the Judean teachings in Jesus' world.

What we have in modern Israel, then, is an artificially created nation that is historically, genetically, and spiritually unconnected to biblical Israel or to Jesus.

Once this is known -- and churches and schools ought to be honest about it -- then it's much easier to understand what many world voices have long cried out: that modern Israelis from Europe in 1948 have no right to occupy and rule over Palestinian residents, whose lands and homes and families go back over a thousand years.

Modern Israelis have no legitimate connection to the land, to Judean traditions, or to Christ. And Christians who are properly informed, and who are ethical, need to join in the world outrage against the Israeli destruction of Lebanon and its people.

Hamas of Palestine and Hezbollah of Lebanon try to defend against Israel's agenda of taking over more and more territory. But this defense against aggression is mis-portrayed in America as "terrorism." The bad guys are good, and the good guys are bad!

Proof? For one thing, there is the Balfour Declaration of 1917, whereby Britain announced that Palestine must be given to the Jews. But wait -- they didn't mean the Jews that were already there -- they didn't mean the 20% of the Jewish population who are descended from Jesus' time and place.

They meant that Palestine should be given to representatives of the other 80% of the world's Jews, to those who were belated converts and have no historical connection with either the land of Israel or the Hebrews. Many were connected, however, to British/American banking and oil interests.

This movement, this plan, this policy, is called Zionism. It is not the Jewish religion. It is simply a strategy to use Jewish issues as a club to beat people over the head with and get a criminal occupation going in the Middle East -- by usurpers who have no right to be there.

So there was this open Zionist/Israel agenda, by that name even, in 1917. But haven't we all been told that the justification for taking Palestine from the Palestinians was the noble purpose of compensation for the horrors of the Holocaust? Then how is it the British plan for doing this, with America signing on, appeared nearly 30 years earlier?

The plan stated that the Palestinians whose specific lands were targeted would be treated justly, whenever the takeover could be engineered. But of course, the moment it actually occurred, the occupied ones found themselves ghetto-ized, disenfranchised, and grotesquely abused.

President Harry Truman was infuriated by this and angrily wrote in a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt: "I fear very much that the Jews are being like all underdogs. When they get on top, they are just as intolerant and cruel as the people were to them when they were underneath."

It would be absurd to label Truman's words as "anti-Semitic," just as it is absurd to label today's world-wide, anti-Israel sentiments as "anti-Semitic." The Israelis who rule there have no Semitic heritage whatsoever. They are European/British/American conquerors, not the small percentage of Judean Jews -- who are just as occupied as the Palestinians.

As an example, if a Middle-Eastern-descent Jew in Israel (the Sephardim minority) gets lucky, and marries into the European (Ashkenazim) majority -- that is, marries into the Jewish class that rules -- the couple is nevertheless demoted lower down on the housing waiting-lists. Housing priority is always given to the "pure couples," those who are both of European descent -- or European/British/American.

In case that doesn't give you Hitlerian chills, then maybe this will. The darker-skinned, original Jews are regarded as (the n-word) by the lighter skinned, often-blue-eyed Israeli ruling class. In a diary entry by President Truman, he addresses this again, more bluntly: "...yet when they have power, physical, financial, or political, neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty to the new underdog."

And that's how conditions have been over there since the "glorious" creation of the State of Israel, with the American people bleeding out $3 billion in aid every year for Israel's "defense," and being fed daily hogwash about who's doing what to whom.

Even if it's true that Lebanon took two Israeli soldiers, nothing (except an unholy and deceptive agenda) justifies the brutal destruction of a whole country in return.

And for those who are manipulated into thinking all this is biblical and therefore meant to be by God, please note that's exactly what the occupation planners -- long before the Holocaust -- knew they could count on. And that is, bad people using good people to get what they want.

Please also recall that slavery and polygamy and other inhumane institutions, once vociferously defended by Bible-believers, are now understood as totally morally wrong.

It ought to be clear that in Israel and America, the scum on top of both ponds is ruining our whole world. They do want, and they are trying to ignite, an Armageddon so that a world dictatorship will be accepted to "solve the problems." And they are counting on those who believe in Armageddon -- just like those who believed in slavery and polygamy because they were biblical -- to help their evil plans along.

But whatever a person's religious beliefs, there should be no question that the brutality towards Lebanon is wrong, as the theft of Palestine has always been wrong. If we don't want to end up deeply ashamed and totally enslaved, we need to pull the plug, now, on the criminals running both America and Israel.

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