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Friday, September 17, 2004

"Here's What's REALLY Happening to Dan Rather..."
by Connie Cook Smith

Do y'all remember a book that came out in 2000 about Bush using coke?

Suddenly, the publisher withdrew all the copies and burned them, because it was said the author of "Fortunate Son," Jim Hatfield, had a criminal record. Suddenly, all the widely circulating truth in 2000, about Bush using coke, was discredited.

Turns out, it was Bush's right-hand man, "Bush's Brain" Karl Rove -- the guy who Time Magazine quoted as ADMIRING a flag-waving stadium for Bush because "it looks just like a Nazi rally!" Yeah, that's the guy who runs Bush's operations -- it was Rove who TOLD author Hatfield that Bush used coke!

Why would the Bushman tell an author this truth? Because Rove KNEW that Hatfield had a mental disturbance ealier in his life and had threatened to kill someone. Rove KNEW that Hatfield "had a record," even though NOW (by 2000), he was a successful writer, with a loving wife and baby daughter.

But Rove knew the Bush's coke truth was a hazard, so he planted it in "damaged packaging." And when the package was brought down -- "Hatfield's criminal record" -- the truth about Bush's coke use went down with it. (And Hatfield was driven to suicide.)

Well, doesn't this SMELL EXACTLY LIKE what's happening to Dan Rather? Rather has been skewered for using false memos about Bush's desertion during his National Guard days. According to a Guard secretary, though, she says the information IS true -- she was there -- she knew her boss/Bush's commander was angry about being forced to "sugarcoat" Bush's shameful record. However, the papers in Dan Rather's hands were not the types of forms used then, obvious forgeries.

And so, once again -- deliberately serve up the awful truth about Bush in damaged packaging. When the packaging falls apart, the truth goes down with it.

Evil game-master that Karl Rove is, though, he didn't invent this. It's exactly what was done in the Jim Garrison trial regarding the JFK assassination. Garrison was SET UP with a witness who had Authentically Damning Information about the oilmen in Houston being guilty -- but then the witness "went bonkers" on the stand. Down went the truth with the discredited witness.

So this stuff isn't new. But the frequency with which this administration employs these tactics, and the ruination of countless lives because of it, makes me evermore determined to see that Bush/Cheney GOES TO THE JAIL HOUSE, NOT BACK TO THE WHITE HOUSE.


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