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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
"What America Needs to Know"
by Connie Cook Smith

I've struggled with not wanting to speak ill of the dead, but to heck with it.

That Old Fart Ronald Reagan did so MUCH more harm than good that I think he ought to be hanged, post-mortem. His attitudes and illegal and treasonous activities caused so much death and suffering that the World Court even demanded the US pay many millions of dollars in reparations to the people of Nicaragua -- as only one example -- but that moral responsibility was just shrugged off.

The media ought to show Reagan's official, public, "oh-I'm-outraged" denial of what he did, just as frequently as they show Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman." Clinton's denial was about a consensual affair. Reagan committed treason!

When there was a real threat of impeachment for Reagan in 1987, he obfuscated: "In my heart (I don't think we did that), but the facts show otherwise." Like a kid caught with a cookie in his hand, his devious mentality said, "In my heart I don't think I stole this cookie -- but the facts show otherwise."

And the American people let this go! If Reagan had been held accountable, then Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II wouldn't have felt so safe to commit THEIR crimes!

And how nice that Ronnie in his end-of-life Alzheimer's decline, was given luxurious, round-the-clock care, at home -- while the programs he and his political party LOVE TO CUT cause the LOVED ONES OF OTHERS to rot away and suffer in understaffed, state nursing homes. I know it's never wise to hate, but honestly, it's hard not to totally despise Ronald Reagan as a hypocritical old windbag

In keeping with the falseness of his "good image" -- AND the overall, monumental Republican deceptions -- I personally am convinced that Reagan's body has already been buried, due to the fact that in all the travels something could happen to it -- like maybe many bitter victims wanting to attack his remains.

So I personally believe he's already been buried. And that FOOLS --Americans who don't know or don't care about ALL THE HARM HE DID -- are lining up to worship an empty casket.

An empty casket is all too appropriate for the hollow image of goodness, the role-of-a-lifetime, that this professional actor played out upon the lives of millions of clueless AND victimized people.

In anger and sorrow,
Connie Cook Smith


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