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Monday, May 17, 2004
by Connie Cook Smith
"What America Needs To Know"

The LA Times reports, "Bush was told of the prison abuses as early as last winter, presumably because administration and military officials considered it serious and wide-reaching."

I am one of many Americans who are not surprised that George W. Bush did nothing about it.

This goes back to when there was talk in 2000 that Dubya might run for president, and I "knew" that nobody would vote for HIM. It was clear from his conduct as Governor of Texas that this man lacked morality -- yet the American people SAID they now insisted on a president who exhibited morality.

Lacking morality? When Karla Faye Tucker was about to be executed and she begged for leniency, it was on record all over the media that Bush MOCKED HER WORDS IN A SING-SONG VOICE: "Please don't kill me." The issue is not whether a convicted killer should die. The issue is that Bush's attitude towards a condemned person was one of childish cruelty -- nothing near the level of maturity and ethics that we need in a leader.

When DNA evidence indicated that other condemned prisoners in Texas might actually be innocent, Bush allowed no process to explore these cases. With no interest in justice for possibly innocent people, he proceeded routinely -- and frequently -- with a record number of executions.

Isn't his unconcern over executing possibly innocent people a cold-blooded lack of humanity and morality?

The NY Times reports that the worst cases of prison abuse in the US have been "in Texas, whose prisons were under a federal consent decree during much of the time President Bush was governor, because of violence by guards against inmates. Judge William Wayne Justice imposed the decree (this should've gotten Bush's attention as Governor) after finding that guards were allowing gang leaders to buy and sell other inmates as slaves for sex..."

So Bush had a bad record when it comes to such human rights issues. And isn't absence of concern for human rights a clear indication of lack of basic morality and common decency?

Add to this the hatred he and his gang stirred up in Americans with his false statements of connections between Iraq and 9/11. Look up Rep. Henry Waxman's congressional report on their "237 misleading statements on Iraq, in 125 public appearances."

Further, when you consider Bush's disrespect for the Geneva Conventions as mere "legalisms" -- while Rumsfeld said LAST YEAR that erupting humanitarian concerns were just "hyperventilation" -- then what you have are men who are no doubt guilty of war crimes against humanity.

Have soldiers felt justified in torturing Iraqis because of their leaders' lies about Iraq being guilty of involvement in 9/11, and in keeping with high-level disregard for basic codes of conduct?

In particular, more will be coming out about George W. Bush and his family, who have been selling arms to both sides of conflicts for four generations. Coffins for our soldiers. Coffers for themselves. Moral depravity to the level of treason. Reported sexual depravity all too typical of their multi-generational Skull and Bones affiliation. (Which is one of the reasons I do not support John Kerry, who is also a member of this kinky and power-mad cult.)

It is no wonder we are seeing such horrific photos coming out. I'd say they are accurate reflections of the criminal and immoral consciousness of George W. Bush, his equally law-flouting gang, and his squalid family history.

Worse, it will probably be proven that Nicholas Berg was brutally beheaded by disguised US agents, in order to cruelly psych-out the public -- in order to shift attention off the Bush atrocities and onto a (deliberately staged) murder to popularize an idea that "Iraqi crimes are worse than American crimes." But everyone seems to be noticing that Berg was wearing the orange jumpsuit of US detention, which means that he was in US custody when he was killed.

In conclusion, take a moment and imagine: What would our world and our nation be like right now if our government had respected the will of the people, the millions of people who tried to stop this blood-and-treasure disaster, the invasion of Iraq. Some historians, even some generals, are already calling it the biggest foreign policy blunder in history.

None of this ever should have happened, including 9/11. Americans had an obligation to know that Bushes have been guilty of manipulating this nation into Bush-and-gang war profits and personal power for generations, that they have NEVER been moral.

Connie Cook Smith See links to documentation below.

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