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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

"What America Needs to Know"

by Connie Cook Smith

When I published the previous blog and sent it around, all hell broke loose.

Below, I detail exactly what happened. But first -- wanna know what I wrote that caused me to come under cyber-attack?

I notified my list about my blog, in which I warned that John Kerry and George Bush are "blood brothers" in the death-worshiping Skull and Bones cult, and that the right-wing will continue to rule America and wreck the world if EITHER Bush or Kerry wins the election this fall. Apparently, this hit a nerve with Somebody. You will agree, when you read what happened.

But of primary importance is WHY I wrote that. It's because I believe Kerry and Bush are ultimately required to be loyal to the Skull and Bones' pathological Master Race agenda -- which is utterly opposed to American ideals and hostile to the well-being of the American people.

How interesting there occurred the media assassination of front-runner Howard Dean in Iowa and the concomitant media elevation of John Kerry. It blew my mind how the American public turned accordingly, looking like a mindless school of fish.

Wesley Clark dropped out then and endorsed Kerry. This adds weight to my guess that Clark, a Republican, "suddenly became a Democrat" only because Skull-and-Bones-approved insider Kerry was getting trounced by authentic-Democrat Dean.

With Kerry the Bonesman now firmly in place, Jay Leno observed that Clark can go back to his normal life -- as a Republican.


As I have documented in my lecture-on-CD, "September 11th, A Somber Awakening," and elsewhere, it was right-wing Americans such as Prescott Bush and his (you guessed it!) Skull and Bones partners who lavishly funded the rise of Hitler, because Bonesmen agree with the Master Race dogma. It's not necessarily anti-Jewish -- it's mostly anti-poor, sick, disadvantaged. It's pro-elite. It's outright anti-freedom, anti-equality for all.

For example, I've published previously how George Bush Sr, also a Bonesman, went on record in Congress on September 4, 1969: He sponsored race scientists' testimony that African-Americans were "down-breeding the quality of the US population." He wanted a government birth control program specifically to reduce the number of blacks.

Bush Jr may LOOK LIKE he does not follow the family pattern of regarding blacks as inferior race-polluters, what with his appointments of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. But keep in mind that Dubya is also a Bonesman, like his Hitler-funding grandpa and his "racial down-breeding" father. How fun to actually GET corrupt African-Americans like Rice and Powell to work for him! Some high-class blacks apparently are willing to work with high-class whites, while the poor of either or any race are increasingly treated with contempt.

Harry Belafonte went so far as to call his fellow African-Americans Rice and Powell "house slaves" -- and an even more derogatory term. He said this because Rice and Powell willingly work for the Master of the (White) House -- who is from a Skull and Bones family -- which practices Master Race beliefs.

Back to WWII: When Hitler foolishly defied his American money-men late in the war and came up with some battle decisions of his own, it wasn't long before the right-wingers in the U.S. Navy came up with an 8-point plan (read "Day of Deceit" by Robert Stinnett) to PROVOKE the Japanese to kill 3,000 Americans at Pearl Harbor -- to manipulate this country INTO the war -- war against "those inferior Japs" -- and of course against their boy Adolf, who had gotten out of control. (Also, to "get in on" divvying up the spoils in Europe after WWII.)

It was right-wing Americans who wanted President Kennedy to authorize "Operation Northwoods," a plan "to crash airliners" and to implement "domestic terrorism in America" -- for the purpose of blaming Castro and justifying an all-out invasion of Cuba. That was March 13, 1962 -- whereupon Kennedy told them to take a hike.

The year before, these same elements had covertly invaded Cuba. When Kennedy refused to support that renegade operation with air cover, it became the disastrous Bay of Pigs.

Then in 1963, JFK rescinded the tax breaks for the right-wingers' oil companies, including George Bush Sr's Zapata Petroleum. Not long after all this uppity non-compliance with right -wing Americans, JFK's head was blown off.

It was right-wing Americans who totally fabricated Gulf of Tonkin reports of "Viet Cong attacks on US Navy ships," in order to manipulate Americans into agreeing to official war in Vietnam. History has proven that was an all-out American/Vietnamese tragedy for no good reason, other than right-wing criminal conquest and drug profits in that region, known as The Golden Triangle.

It was right-winger George Bush Sr who barely escaped consequences from the October Surprise and Iran-Contra crimes of the 1980's. In 1990, it was he who displayed military satellite photos of "Iraqi tanks amassing on the border of Saudi Arabia"-- in order to manipulate Americans into the Gulf War -- for right-wingers' power and profits once again. But commercial satellites showed NO such Iraqi tanks lined up against the Saudis.

Then, as now, Iraq was no threat to America -- yet Bush I and Bush II cynically conned this nation into expansions of right-wing war profits and powers both times.

And now, as thousands of 9/11 researchers know, as lawsuits are going forward to reveal, there is overwhelming evidence that many of these same key players -- who have been polluting the halls of power for decades (plus their vile, next-generation minions) -- VERY MUCH WANTED another Pearl Harbor-style sneak-attack, such as they have SUCCEEDED WITH before. They WANTED the atrocities of September 11th in order to yank America's chain yet again, to force decent Americans to be their attack-trained dogs of war.

I used to not believe in evil. I used to think that bad people were just ignorant or misguided. But after finding and verifying all this evidence of cold-blooded deception and betrayal of America -- by those who are profiting from it most -- I now concede that evil is real, and it is running our country and wrecking the world.

These guys want a nebulous, never-ending, constantly funded, constantly profitable (for them) WAR -- all over the world -- which strategically places our military being USED for conquest of global resources everywhere.

While also, in the name of "homeland security," they are shredding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights -- crushing your rights to the SAFETY of free speech (dissent) and fair trials. The ill-treatment of protesters, the lengthy detainments of people -- without charges and without lawyers -- the secret military tribunals instead of open courts -- are proof enough of that.

Isn't it tragic that JFK didn't catch on soon enough to the truth of his own words? He said, "Things don't just happen. Things are made to happen." Isn't it tragic that people aren't catching on today? The Skull-and-Bones, Master-Race monsters have been "making things happen" for an awful long time, and the American people continue to accommodate their evil agenda.


AOL wasn't even my server, but here's what happened:

First, when I sent out my info on Kerry being a Bonesman, all mail I sent to people who use AOL bounced back to me! The message said it was "due to a high number of complaints about the URL in my e-mail" -- in other words, complaints about this blog and its contents.

When I checked with those on my list who use AOL, I found none who had complained. In fact, they were angry that AOL arbitrarily "protected" them from receiving my column.

When AOL users complained to the company or even switched to another server, AOL apparently struck back at me. I say that because of what happened next.

Before, they wouldn't deliver to their customers only the mail that contained my blog address. Suddenly, they were blocking EVERY e-mail I sent to their customers, whether it contained my blog address or not. Basically, I could get nothing through to my friends and correspondents who use AOL -- and I have the print-outs to prove it.

Next, MY COMPUTER BECAME FLOODED WITH SO MANY AOL POP-UP ADS THAT I COULDN'T WORK! So I shut down my system and re-formatted the hard drive. Since I back up frequently and have two other computers, I experienced no losses. But it's an outright terrorizing thing to have my monitor wildly flashing so many AOL ads that doing my work was impossible. This IS terrorism.

I immediately notified authorities of AOL's criminal behavior, including a very high-ranking official in the State of Illinois whose campaign I worked for, and a local state's attorney who is a friend of mine. Further, I informed two area newspaper editors who frequently publish me, and one Chicago reporter -- all of whom said to be sure and let them know if I am harassed again.

After hearing about my experience, one person wrote me that he suffered much worse when he published political thoughts that AOL apparently didn't agree with. Because this man was their customer (which I was not), they could apparently use his e-mail account. The upshot was, he said -- and I have print-outs and copies of this message as well -- that his entire address book received p o r n featuring children and animals, something this person would NEVER THINK OF sending to his list!

Naturally, he was then lambasted with hatred and threats of lawsuits from the recipients, even though he had sent them no such thing. I have forwarded this man's story as well to the authorities and to my friends in various media.

Update 2/25/04: all this was a month ago. But a school-chum of mine who uses AOL called me last night and asked why I haven't been sending any political pieces (she received some jokes I sent, but no political pieces). I thanked her for the feedback, telling her that I had indeed sent my political writings to her -- and how amazing that AOL is apparently being SELECTIVE about what gets through to her!

The last straw for her was even though AOL "allowed" her to receive a non-political message from me, after she wrote back to me and hit "reply" to my address, she was then denied the ability to open any other e-mail, and she had to shut down. She said to me, "I feel like I'm living in a terrorist country." To say the least, she is shopping for a new ISP.

I have beside me right now a letter from the Illinois Attorney General acknowledging receipt of my documents which prove AOL's criminal activities. I'M HEARING THERE WILL PROBABLY BE A HUGE CLASS-ACTION SUIT AGAINST AOL FOR MULTIPLE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and I may wait and join that. I know quite a few people besides myself now who are collecting documentation on what AOL is doing.

But if I am harassed in any way again before that opportunity occurs, I (and probably others) won't delay direct legal action -- and widespread publication -- against the juvenile but vicious (and prosecutable!) terror-tactics of AOL.


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