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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Connie Cook Smith's "What America Needs to Know"

In the 10/22/03 issue of The New York Observer, Joe Conason writes about George W. Bush's grandpa -- Prescott Bush's money-laundering and lengthy support for the Nazis -- until Congress forced the man to stop in late 1942.

Yet Joe apparently believes that's all there is to it. He writes:

"Imputing Nazi sympathies to the President or his family (now) ought to be beneath his adversaries."

Joe and I are usually on the same page, politically. But minimizing the Bush-Nazi connection is a deep disservice to all Americans, who have a right to know the horrific truth.

Joe-- and any interested reader -- ought to check out the Congressional Record, September 4, 1969. (It's not yet available online, but it can be viewed at all federal deposit libraries in most large cities). Here's what you will find:

George Bush Sr., then a congressman, sponsored testimony from race scientists William Shockley and Arthur Jensen

These Hitler Junior Geneticists -- enthusiastically sponsored by George Bush Sr. -- wanted to pay/bribe African-Americans to accept government birth control programs -- in order to stop them from "down-breeding the quality of the U.S. population."

And surely it's become well-known that the Skull and Bones cult at Yale, which the Bushes belong to, is based on vicious white-supremacist, master-race fantasies. If you don't know that, you must see Alexandra Robbins' best-seller, Secrets of the Tomb

It all started with Sam Bush, Prescott Bush's father, who sold war materiel to both sides during WWI -- and thus the traitorous family business begins.

Prescott did the same -- and much worse. He was a manager of the Auschwitz inmates, who were "free labor" (slaves!) for his coal and steel interests in Poland

Yes, there was Prescott Bush, seeing nothing wrong with that, along with his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker -- the two were financially supporting Hitler from 1924 - 1942.

Even though the Trading With The Enemy Act was passed right after Pearl Harbor in 1941, even though American soldiers were being to sent overseas to die, Grandpa Bush didn't care. He kept financing Hitler until Congress FORCED HIM to stop. These are just the Bush Family Values.

We know very well about George Bush Sr.'s illegal arms deals to the Contras (de-stabilizing a democracy in Nicaragua) -- and arranging for our hostages in Iran to be held in misery longer so that Jimmy Carter wouldn't get credit for freeing them, and thus Reagan/Bush would win the 1980 election. (Read October Surprise, by Barbara Honegger, and Trick or Treason, by Robert Parry.) And even though Iran was our murderous enemy, Bush Sr. made sure they got all the arms they wanted, because this is the Bush family business -- TREACHERY and TREASON.

Not to mention Bush Sr.'s/Reagan's well-known arms deals with Saddam Hussein all through the 1980's! Then in 1990, Bush Sr. tricked Saddam by conveying through our ambassador that it was okay for Saddam to invade Kuwait (Kuwait was side-drilling out Iraq's oil.)

But what happened when Saddam trusted Bush Sr.? Bush turned and used Saddam's Kuwait invasion as an excuse to send our soldiers after him (and to establish our troops in Saudi Arabia, the real goal.) This was called The Gulf War. Saddam's no peach, but who can blame him for putting Bush's face on a mosaic floor for everyone to walk on?

And let's not forget that the Bushes and the bin Ladens have been thick as thieves (they ARE thieves) for over 20 years.

And naturally, like father, like son unto the next and current generation. George W. cashed out his Harken stocks a week before they tumbled in 1990 -- an early Enron. Dubya came out with a hefty profit, while all his partners lost their shirts.

(If Martha Stewart, a Democrats contributor, goes to prison for insider trading, Dubya certainly ought to have the cell next door!)

But much worse: Dubya screwed the American people by doing nothing whatsoever when warnings of "hijacking airliners" poured in during his vacation in 2001. Just as he did nothing on the day of 9/11. He did not jump up from his chair at that elementary school and say, "Excuse me, children, duty calls." Instead -- he sat there for 20 minutes, making no inquiries, issuing no orders!

Due to no action from this "Commander-in-Chief," the Pentagon strike was not prevented, as it easily could have been. At 9:05 am, he was told "America is under attack." The plane hit the Pentagon at 9:37. If Bush had immediately ordered air defense for the nation's capital or the eastern seaboard --which you'd think any Commander would do! -- then jets from Andrews AFB only 12 miles from Washington would have been up and protecting the skies within that critical half hour -- actually, within minutes.

But no, Dubya did nothing, even as as another airliner (it's now known) headed for Congress and the Capitol Dome! "Fortunately," it crashed in Pennsylvania. Later, Bush just high-tailed it to an underground bunker with other globalists who "happened to be there" -- while the nation fended for itself.

And now this President who is "restoring integrity and honor to the White House" doesn't bother to condemn and rout out those on his staff who exposed the name of a CIA operative, a deep-cover agent whose work was protecting Americans from rogue possession of WMD! How ironic. A woman who was actually protecting our country has been rendered useless and likely placed in danger by the Bush administration -- by those who are SUPPOSED TO BE protecting our country -- but didn't and aren't.

The ENTIRE criminal history of these genuinely evil people -- all the Bush brothers and uncles, too, from 1898 - 2001 -- is available for a quick read at

A writer on the Internet (who I regret I've lost track of) summed it up well -- and I paraphrase: For generations, the Bushes have represented BODY BAGS FOR OUR SOLDIERS, MONEY BAGS FOR THEMSELVES.

I hope Joe Conason will apologize to his readers for scolding people who KNOW that the Bushes are rotten traitors and actual Nazis.

Mainly, I hope other journalists will pick up the torch and awaken the American people to this dynastic family's colossal deceptions and horrific crimes.


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