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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

(While the media hounded Gary Condit everyday about a missing intern, they shielded a Republican congressman whose assistant was found dead in his office.)

I sincerely believe that where there is no honesty, there is no health, and there is no peace.

America now is not healthy, is not peaceful. I'm convinced that's principally because honesty is too often forbidden. And to me, the most egregious violations of honesty appear frequently in the enmeshed and inaccurate phrases: "liberal media" and "conservative morality."

Enmeshed? Well, you can’t have one of those distortions without the other. A media report about power or goodness on the left is often attributed to the idea that the media is liberal -- not to the fact that the liberal might happen to be good.

And lack of reports on crimes by conservatives leave us with the totally false impression that conservatives have exemplary morals. (Or as Bush pronounces it, “exemplarary” morals.)

The lead-in example above is one of the most sickening. Chandra Levy was only MISSING when the media was dishing up all-Gary, all-the-time. (Note that he was a Democratic congressman.) Although Chandra’s disappearance was certainly serious and alarming, it was during the same time-frame, July of 2001, that 28-year-old Lori Klausutis was found DEAD with a smashed head, right IN Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough’s office.

Did the media follow Joe Scarborough around, asking questions, day after day? Was he the subject of constant jokes on late-night TV? No. The very first newspaper reports stated “no evidence of foul play,” and that was that. Simply incredible! Evidently, this healthy woman who jogged a few miles everyday just smashed herself in the head in Joe’s office and dropped dead.

If there were ACTUALLY a “liberal media bias,” Democrat Gary Condit would have been downplayed, and Republican Joe Scarborough would now be an O.J.- style household name and national joke. (And maybe a lifer in prison.)

But no. He was allowed to discreetly leave his congressional seat, “to spend more time with the family.” And recently he was rewarded for his eyebrow-raising past by being hired at MSNBC as a commentator. Clearly, this Republican has been protected and elevated by the media. The Democrat was destroyed by it.

Have YOU heard of Joe Scarborough and the death of Lori Klausutis? Or just Gary Condit and Chandra Levy. My search engine shows over 100 outraged voices about Lori. (Look her up.) But there was and there has been practically nothing in the “liberal media” – which, if it indeed it WERE left-biased, would have crucified this Republican – instead of keeping him out of the headlines and giving him a nice new job.

TOMORROW: More facts and examples of outrageous media protection – protection for questionable conservatives -- and some of their UNquestionable crimes.


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