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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Part II

Yesterday I explained my concern on this topic by pointing out that “a media report about power or goodness on the left is often attributed to the idea that the media is liberal -- not to the fact that the liberal might happen to be good.”

And that “lack of reports on crimes by conservatives leave us with the totally false impression that conservatives always have exemplary morals.” Then I provided the account of Democratic Congressman Gary Condit being hounded into the ground when Chandra Levy was missing, while at the same time, Republican Joe Scarborough and the dead woman found in his office was given a pass.

So now I ask, how many of you have heard about Richard Delgaudio? Were the TV cameras all over him on April 23 when this key Republican operative was sentenced after pleading guilty to child pornography? Has he been followed and hounded and joked about ever since November of 2001, when he was first busted in Baltimore?

Has his patriotism been blasted for obsessing on child porn while the rest of the nation was pulling together after 9/11? No, for some reason, we’re still hearing Clinton and Condit jokes, and spewing criticism at genuine patriots who are sure that war is bad for the United States.

I’ve seen nothing on TV about Republican activist Richard Delgaudio. He was found guilty, a week ago today, of using a 16-year-old girl for pornographic photo sessions. This girl allowed herself to be in this situation because she had a baby and dropped out of school, and she needed the money that Delgaudio paid her.

I express no approval of this girl’s personal situation. But she needs rehabilitation, not exploitation! Is this Delgaudio’s private “compassionate conservative” program? A young girl in desperate circumstances being given “support” – only if she does the perverted things he wants?

According to Michael Laris’ Washington Post story on April 24: “Delgaudio, 50, heads an array of conservative activist groups from offices in Fairfax County (Virginia)...He is listed as president of Legal Affairs Council Inc...also listed as chairman and director of the United States Intelligence Council, and president of National Security Center, Inc.” Are we constantly hearing about this Republican’s sleazy behavior?

This outrage takes me back to 1994, when that pillar of morality Newt Gingrich – 3 wives now, one of them abandoned during her cancer therapy – attributed Susan Smith’s drowning of her children as being due to our “sick system” (a Democrat was in the White House). Newt even went so far as to say that “the only way” to make it better “is to vote Republican.”

Well, no amount of sugar could help with the words he had to eat, not too much later --although I don’t recall the media pointing this out. Susan Smith’s stepfather publicly apologized to Susan, saying, “You don’t have all the guilt in this tragedy” – because – he had molested her early on, then drew her into a full-blown sexual affair later. He knew she was already traumatized by her father’s suicide. As her stepfather, he should have been there FOR her – not there to USE her.

And just who was her stepfather, this man named Beverly Russell? He was a key operative in the South Carolina Republican Party and a Christian Coalition member. Susan testified that one morning after he had been out putting up campaign posters for Pat Robertson for president, he came into her bedroom and put her hand on his genitals and kissed her and fondled her. Later, he made her his full-time sex object.

What about Robert Hanssen, the FBI mole whose spying caused a number of deaths. He was a member of the far right-wing group, Opus Dei. A TV movie depicted him being pleased with his family for disapproving of “that horrible Bill Clinton.” With all the revelations that emerged about his character, it’s clear we have another registered Republican who is obsessed with “morality,” but who is a total traitor to his country, his family, his church, and humanity. And yet there is still a perception that the right is always right, and the left – is always wrong.

And now we have Katrina Leung, a southern California Republican fund-raiser, in character much like Robert Hanssen. Working for the FBI, selling secrets to the Chinese, and sleeping with two FBI agents despite still being married to her husband. Why is there no outcry about right-wing immorality?

Last year, a Virginia Republican Party head was busted for illegal wire-tapping. And has anyone given any thought to the father of Mary Kay LeTourneau? She’s the teacher who kept getting sexually involved with her student and having his babies, despite court orders prohibiting any further contact. She sacrificed her marriage and her previous children to this sexually compulsive behavior.

Should we be looking at HER father, John G. Schmitz? He, too, was an ultra-conservative Republican congressman who was forced into retirement by the discovery that HE was siring babies with HIS student! Although the student was college-age, and therefore at the age of consent, still – ! Mary was very, very hung-up on her father, she lived out her life as he did, and I can’t help but wonder if her out-of-control sexuality came from an unnatural bond that he may have forced upon her as a child.

Well, I think you get the point. I’m NOT saying the right-wing is always and automatically immoral. But I am certainly tired of hearing in the media that the LEFT is.

If you’re tired of it, too, please refer people to this site. There is a downright evil campaign to discredit good people and to elevate questionable people, and I think we all need to do something about it by pointing out the truth.


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